Change Readiness
Certificate Program
How will your workplace successfully manage change?

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In every business sector there are change factors at work which, if not managed appropriately, can have a significant and lasting impact on individuals, work teams, management, organizations and the business sector overall.

Workplace Education Manitoba is pleased to offer the Change Readiness Certificate Program to help you develop the skills to successfully manage workplace change. The workshop is delivered by Workplace Education Manitoba and funded, in part, by Manitoba Education and Training.
Course outcomes include:
*Increased individual and organizational adaptive capacity
*Increased self-directed learning
*Increased resilience and the ability to manage stress
*Increased trust and engagement among all staff
Begin by answering the following short questionnaire to see if your organization is change ready and then contact us for a complimentary organizational Essential Skills Assessment, valued at $2500.
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Fall 2017 Classes SOLD OUT

 Cost is $399.00 per person.

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Change Readiness Workshop
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